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Meet Our All-Star Brew Team

You already know and love the beer, food, and atmosphere at Bear Chase Brewing Company (BCBC). Let’s meet the all-star brew team behind our unique craft beers.

Charles Noll

Brewmaster Charles Noll joined BCBC in December 2017, as the company was starting up. He designed the brewery’s layout and was charged with purchasing and installing all the equipment. Charles has brewed beer throughout his entire adult life and began brewing professionally after graduating from the American Brewers Guild in 1997.

“I enjoy the balance of creative artistry and the technical aspects of my job, and I feel truly fortunate to do what I do,” Charles conveyed.

Charles is proudest of his Lagers and German-style beers, particularly the Oktoberfest, which has twice won Gold at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). His personal go-to beer changes with the seasons–during cold months he savors darker beers like the Buttons Oatmeal Stout or Paws to the Wall Imperial Stout, and in warm weather he enjoys Kolsch which placed Silver at GABF, and Pilsner.

What sets Bear Chase apart from other breweries is our wide variety of both classic styles and more exotic offerings,” Charles says. “Our menu is not dominated by trends but offers something for everyone. From light refreshing Helles to Hazy IPAs and even a barrel-aged series, we craft each beer with attention to detail and consistency.”

Ken Wilson

Like Charles, production manager Ken Wilson has been passionate about beer since he was old enough to drink it, starting with home brewing in the mid-nineties. Ken spent most of his career as a chef in high-end hotels and restaurants, but as the craft beer movement started taking off, he knew it was time for a career shift.

“Whereas before, I was creating fine dining food, now I create beer that people love to drink, and I find fulfillment in doing that,” he said.

Ken’s proudest craft and favorite beer to drink are one and the same: Bearing Honor, a Vienna Lager-style. Ken loves its drinkability. He created this recipe in partnership with Wesley Rabusseau, the head Brewer at Honor Brewing Company.

“While a lot of breweries put strange ingredients in their brews because they are going for a shock value with the first sip, here at Bear Chase, we want to make beer really drinkable. We want our customers to enjoy our brews so much that they come back for more.”

Interested in touring the brewery? In the summer, weekly tours begin on Saturdays at 2 p.m. Or, contact Bear Chase to set up a private tour. While BCBC can accommodate large parties, they request that the entire group show up on time.


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