Bear Chase Brewing Taproom

Bring your friends. Raise a glass. Enjoy the brew!

The culmination of every brewing adventure is the pulling of the tap, admiring the color and head, and especially, that first, life-altering taste.

That’s what we want to invite you to experience at the brand new Bear Chase Brewing Company Taproom, where all our latest craft beers are on tap and ready to enjoy. Bring your friends, family, and colleagues. Raise a glass together to life, companionship, and whatever you have to celebrate personally.

The unmatched beauty of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains only adds to the relaxing and invigorating experience you can expect every time you visit our historic Brew Barn and Taproom. And, if you want to extend your stay, you can always book a room in the gorgeous, expansive Bear Chase Manor, a luxury residence and event venue right on the same scenic property.

Food & Brews pair nicely with the views!

  • Craft-brewed Beer

    There’s no room for wine or cocktails when we have so many fresh, delectable craft beers on tap at all times. Explore our beer list to choose a reason to visit, but don’t hesitate to try something new and different once you’re here!

  • Delicious Food

    A selection of food and snacks are always available to satisfy your cravings and perfectly complement the beers on tap.

How to get here

We’re a little bit off the beaten path and (truth be told) we like it that way. Click here for directions from wherever your adventure begins.


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