Poppi’s Gourmet Hot Sauce of Virginia will be here giving out free tasting at Bear Chase Brewery

poppishotsauce.comCome on out to Bear Chase Brewery this Saturday afternoon/evening for some great beer, fun food, good company, and have some fun tasting the best hot sauce and BBQ sauce on the planet! That’s right! Poppi’s Gourmet Hot Sauce of Virginia will be here giving out free tasting. Locally grown and made in Fauquier County. Come try the GOURMET hot sauces, BBQ Sauce, rubs & seasonings, and pepper jellies to spice up your buds. Makes the beer taste even better! Look for the Poppi’s tasting table ( )

Grown & Made Locally. Think FLAVOR. Sure—our Hot Sauce has heat (we have five different levels of heat!) but what makes it really stand out, is the flavor. These are Gourmet Hot Sauces. First we make them really good, then we make them hot! We use a variety of different tasty peppers to get the amazing signature flavor of Poppi’s Hot Sauce. And we use the top three hottest peppers in the world to add heat to our hottest sauces. The hotter the sauce, the hotter pepper and more of them we’re using. Plus, we mix a whole lot of other good ingredients together to make this one of the best tasting Hot Sauces in the world. Plus, we grow our peppers right here on our farm in Virginia. AND, we’re Virginia’s Finest food certified! If you like Hot Sauce, or if you’ve got a Hot Sauce lover in the house, you’ll love Poppi’s. Whether you like just a touch of heat (very low/mild) to hot and spicy (pretty hot!), we’ve got a Gourmet-great-tasting-hot-sauce for you! And if you don’t like ANY heat at all, we have the best Kansas City Sweet BBQ Sauce for you! Come give it a taste! it really is the best hot sauce on the planet!

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