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Misty Mountain Hop IPA

From our Brewmaster, Charles: “Misty Mountain Hop IPA is a hybrid of English and American styles. This ale is very well balanced and not as bitter as some IPAs. Brewed with Maris Otter, Munich and Crystal malts and hopped with Magnum, Fuggles, and Cascade.

By the numbers:

  • 48 IBU’s
  • 7% ABV

What to expect:

India pale ale (IPA) is all the rage across the United States, and can be found on tap at pretty much every self-respecting craft brewery or brew pub. It’s a hoppy beer style with a long and storied history separating it from the rest of the pale ales. We’re pretty confident that Misty Mountain Hop IPA can stand up with the best of them, and stands head and shoulders above quite a few.

But, you need to decide that for yourself.

What our customers have to say: Check out Misty Mountain Hop IPA on Untappd and join the conversation!

Some history to sip on: The term “pale ale” originally denoted an ale that had been brewed from pale malt. Among the first brewers known to export beer to India was George Hodgson’s Bow Brewery, on the Middlesex-Essex border. Bow Brewery beers became popular among East India Company traders in the late 18th century because of the brewery’s location near the East India Docks. Demand for the export style of pale ale, which had become known as India pale ale, developed in England around 1840 and it later became a popular product there. IPAs have a long history in Canada and the United States, and many breweries there produce a version of the style. (via Wikipedia)

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