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High Point Helles

From our Brewmaster, Charles: “Light and delicate, this traditional Munich style lager goes down smooth and easy. A bit less hoppy than a pilsner, this beer is brewed with Pilsen, and Munich malts, hopped only with Hersbrucker hops.”

By the numbers:

  • 13 IBU’s
  • 5% ABV

What to expect:

You’ll love how easy our High Point Helles is to drink and enjoy. It’s a well-balanced lager that’s not too hoppy or malty, but has a surprisingly complex overlay of flavors that belies its “middle-of-the-road” first impression. The Munich-style Helles lager is hugely popular in Germany, but it’s poised for an explosion of popularity in the U.S. too.

Is this going to be the High Point of YOUR afternoon?

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Some history to sip on: Helles is a traditional German pale lager beer, produced chiefly in Southern Germany, particularly Munich. Helles-style beers typically are full-bodied, mildly sweet, and light-colored, with low bitterness. The beer is clear due to filtration prior to bottling, although some restaurants and breweries do offer an unfiltered version. Munich-style Helles is a yellow beer brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast, bitter hops, and comes in between 4.5 and 6% alcohol by volume. In regions outside of Southern Germany, Helles is regaining popularity, particularly Berlin, where the beer’s traditional image has become trendy. (via Wikipedia)

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